Check out our Trade Partners, Artists and fellow Fantasy Football mini makers


Tritex Games has been a valuable trade partner with Impact! and a valuable friend to the fantasy football community. Check him out!

The Fantasy Football Store is an Italian carrier of Impact! Miniatures on Ebay. Another valuable trade partner of Impact! Check him out! is helping us sell materials in France.

Pandemonium is helping us out on the East Coast with their great brick and mortar store.

RAL Collectibles with their great US based Ebay store and using our cases for their custom painted teams.

Limey Dragon based out of Oklahoma in the USA was our first brick and mortar trade account.


Michael Noe and the crew at Iron Wind do an incredible job of turning Impact! sculpts into white metal!


Patrick Keith at Morgan Keith Studios has given Impact! a series of great figures for our range.

Victoria Lamb is sculpting our Egyptian themed team and her work has been great. Her painting is one of the finest in the industry.


Melvin has really helped Impact! out by turning our wildest ideas (Deadlings and more) into solid sketches for our sculptors to make a reality.

Urb's paint jobs really make Impact!'s figures come to life and we are grateful for his talented brushes assisting us.

Heather Bruton has really helped Impact! out by sketching out the incredible Pharohs of Vihktora range for us.


Heresy produces great figures for their Deathball fantasy football game. Andy is a great sculptor and makes very unique figures.

Shadowforge makes a ton of female fantasy football players and has done a lot to support fantasy football events.

Gamers Exile carries Neomics Miniatures which is a line of Street Punk human and orc fantasy football figures.

Black Tree produces fantasy football figures for its Slaughterball range.


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