Impact! Games range

Impact! Miniatures is proud to bring many different games that we are proud to produce. Elfball is an intense Fantasy Football/Rugby simulation board games. The rules for Elfball are available for free on this site.

You can find out a lot more about Elfball by visiting Juergen's incredible fan site:

Check out the Elfball Wiki page as well for team info and tactics updates Elfball Wiki

In addition, here you can find all the other great games that Impact! produces, 3 on 3 basketball Nuthin' But Net, futuristic 2 player card game Forceball, family fun for 5 racing wild pigs for board game Dunger Derby or the strategy dice game based on tennis, Passing Shot.

Elfball Board Game (Deadling cover)

EB_ELFD - £31.12

Elfball Board Game (Valkyrie Cover)

EB_ELFV - £26.67

Impact! Games 3 pack

IG_GPAK - £26.67

Street Brawl Board Game

EB_STB1 - £26.00

Elfball Cards

EB_CARD - £13.34

Dunger Derby the Board Game

IG_DDBG - £13.34

Nuthin But Net

NB_NBN - £13.34

Passing Shot Tennis Dice Game

IG_SHOT - £10.67

Dunger Derby Dunger 8 pack

DG_DUN8 - £9.33

Cardstock Elfball Teams

EB_PAPM - £8.89


IG_FBAL - £8.89

Golf Dice

IG_GOLF - Pre-order

Dunger Derby Extra Dungers (3)

DG_DUN3 - £4.22

Extra Large Dunger

DG_DUNB - £2.44




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