Gaming Mats range

Impact! Miniatures is proud to bring felt gaming mats. These high quality mats are easy to roll up and tranport from your home to your local club. Because of the very high cost of printing the mats for these games, Impact! does expect anyone pre-ordering a board to actually purchase a board within 3 weeks of them coming into stock.

Stadium Seating / Bleachers 4-Tier

MT_BCH4 - £42.19

Boulder Brawl Large Gaming Mat (40mm)

MT_GM40 - £36.46

Crossroads Gaming Mat

MT_CRS - Pre-order

Boulder Brawl Large Gaming Mat (29mm)

MT_IGM - £19.50

Stadium Seating / Bleachers 2-Tier

MT_BCH2 - £17.81

Boulder Brawl Large Gaming Mat (20mm)

MT_20MM - £15.26

Boulder Brawl 7s Gaming Mat

MT_BBS - Pre-order

Street Bowl Gaming Mat

MT_STRT - £14.42




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